About OC

Organic Complexion - 100% Natural!

Developed and formulated by Daniel Pry, Organic Complexion features the Earth's richest, finest, and most effective botanicals. They are attentively gathered, painstakingly blended, and thoroughly tested to create a renewed, refreshed, and revitalized complexion with each application. Skin Care products so pure, rare and meticulously balanced, they are highly stable and preservative free.

The key factor? Results!

This Holistic skin care system seamlessly dovetails 100% Natural ingredients with New Millennium technology and, as a result, builds the very foundation of radiant skin. Organic Complexion is a groundbreaking effective system that will revitalize, smooth, clear and hydrate your skin within the first week of application.

Ultimately, authentic beauty is an expected result when we are in harmony with nature. This same beauty is significantly enhanced by how we nurture ourselves on many levels: the quality of foods we eat, the water we drink, the amount of movement and motion in our lives, as well as the way we think and interact with ourselves, others and the environment in which we live. And our complexions? That beauty is mainly enhanced by what we topically apply to our skin. Here is where Organic Complexion sets a new standard for healthier, genuinely holistic 100% natural skin care.

Our nutrient dense skin care products are brimming with lush organic herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers. Next, it is power-housed with antioxidants to fend off free radical attacks, which can lead to lifeless, dull, deeply wrinkled and prematurely aged skin.

Take a moment and imagine your complexion thoroughly revitalized by a profoundly effective micro-nutrient rich 100% natural skin care system brimming with lush organics, dripping with antioxidants, bursting with replenishing nectars & juices, balanced with ancient mineralizing clays and energized with rare flower essences — all delectably blended, with just a hint of paradise, for one very specific purpose… a healthy, balanced, jaw-dropping gorgeous complexion!

Looking for the real deal? Your search is over! — At Organic Complexion, we love our skin. Now, let us love yours…